The Australian Defence Force’s collaborative future is bright – David Caligari

  In this post, our first serving Australian Army contributor — Captain David Caligari — argues collaboration across the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is imperative if we are to have the edge to fight and [...]

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Learning from Exercise BROLGA STRIKE – Emily Chapman

  Military exercises provide an opportunity to observe how Defence doctrine is put into action in the field. Here, Flight Lieutenant Emily Chapman provides lessons and reflections from her participation in the Tactical Air Control Party on [...]

An ISR Force by Design – Paul Hay

  This week saw the Australian Defence Force (ADF) undertake its largest amphibious landing since the Second World War as part of its largest and most complex joint and combined exercise, Talisman Sabre. In this [...]

Joint PME: A Response to Emily Chapman – Editorial

  In her post on joint professional development, Emily Chapman made a powerful argument for closer collaboration between single service outlets, in order to expand intellectual horizons and prevent silos of intellectual excellence. The teams behind [...]

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The Internet of ISR – Paul Hay

  If we are already swimming in sensors and drowning in data, what can we do to get our heads above water? Wing Commander Paul Hay argues that the key is not a new sensor, [...]

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Is the Air Force building a cadre of Operator-Intellectuals? – Jason Begley

  In this post Wing Commander Jason Begley asks whether the Air Force is fostering the Operator-Intellectuals it needs to meet the challenge of a fifth-generation force and explores some of the challenges to the [...]

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