Manned-Unmanned Teaming: “MUM-T’s the Word” – Donald Woldhuis & Michael Spencer

  The integration of manned and unmanned systems may be the next step in the evolution of air operations. In this post, Donald Woldhuis and Michael Spencer describe the US Army's approach to integrating tactical [...]

My Fifth Generation – Chris McInnes

  In this post, Chris McInnes provides some thoughts on what he thinks a fifth-generation force looks like. He is not sure he is right and he is pretty sure some of you think he [...]

OSCAR-5: The First Australian-Built Satellite – Michael Spencer

  The last few months have seen a flurry of announcements relating to Australia's space industry. In July 2017, the Government commenced a review of the Australian space industry, and on 29 September they announced [...]

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Other Peoples’ Air Power: Air Power With Chinese Characteristics — Peter Layton

  Peter Layton's series on other peoples' air power has included an examination of Islamic State's use of unmanned aircraft and the employment of air power in the Ukraine campaign. In this third post, Dr [...]

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From Fourth to Fifth Generation: Enter the F-35A Lightning II — Brian Weston

. This is the third in a series of posts by Air Vice-Marshal Brian Weston (Retd.) describing the RAAF’s transition through five generations of fighter aircraft. In this post, Weston outlines how the RAAF plans to transition [...]

The Devil’s Advocate: Common Operational Picture (COP) — S.C. Collective

  In this post, S.C. Collective assumes the role of the 'devil’s advocate' and challenges the military's beatification of the Common Operational Picture (COP) as a concept and technology. The Advocatus Diaboli (Latin for Devil's [...]

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