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Operation Carthage: Precise Inaccuracy – Damien Hare

We are very pleased to welcome Damien Hare to the Central Blue with his fascinating exploration of Operation Carthage and its implications for contemporary operations. The popular perception of bombing in World War II is of inaccuracy and indiscriminate destruction. Despite early intentions to conduct precision raids in Europe, both the Royal Air Force (RAF) [...]

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#Scifi, #AI – It has always been thus – Jason Begley

Fiction is playing an increasingly important role in shaping the debate and discussion on the future of warfare. In this short story, Jason Begley explores the enduring nature of technology’s influence on the conduct of war and the challenges associated with managing the short-term benefits gained through a technological edge. Almost dawn. He drew a [...]

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#selfsustain – National support now – a new narrative for the mobilisation of a nation – Part Two – David Beaumont

David Beaumont, of Logistics in War, returns to the Central Blue with the second of his two posts on the relationship between Defence and the national support base, David examines how these issues were addressed in post-Cold War uncertainty. Other than times of clear national emergency, the Australian population does not perceive national security as [...]