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Call for Submissions – The Requirements of Fifth Generation Manoeuvre #5thgenmanoeuvre

On 24 October 2019, the Sir Richard Williams Foundation is holding a seminar examining the requirements of Fifth Generation Manoeuvre. The aim of the seminar, building on previous seminars and series looking at #jointstrike and #highintensitywar, is to examine the differences and potential gaps in how the Australian Defence Force must equip and organise for multi-domain operations. In support of the [...]

First Class People for a Fifth-Generation Air Force Part 1: Where are We? – Ulie Yildirim

We welcome Ulie Yildirim to The Central Blue to examine concepts of the military profession and discuss the profession’s status and role in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). This first of two parts presents an overview of the historical debates surrounding the characterisation of the military profession. ‘[A]lthough one would clearly want to have [...]

#SciFi, #AI – Distributed Ground Station – Australia (DGS-AUS) Operations in 2030 – Rodney Barton

We welcome Rodney Barton back to The Central Blue for his first short story, exploring the potential future of the planned Distributed Ground Station - Australia.   It was a good day for a coup. The Vendilion parliament had just returned for a sitting week to discuss the latest mining deal with the great power [...]

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