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#5thgenmanoeuvre: An Editor’s Wrap Up – Jenna Higgins

Twenty-nineteen has been another big year for The Central Blue. A total of 41 articles have been published from a wide range of authors – 31 to be exact. About half of the articles published in 2019 were written by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel with the other half being made up of Army [...]

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#5thGenManoeuvre: What is 5th Generation Manoeuvre – Interviews

On 24 October 2019, the Sir Richard Williams Foundation held a seminar examining the requirements of #5thgenmanoeuvre. The aim of the seminar, building on previous seminars and series looking at #jointstrike and #highintensitywar, was to examine the differences and potential gaps in how the Australian Defence Force (ADF) must equip and organise for multi-domain operations. [...]

Unlocking our Intellectual Edge – Mark Bell

Reading is a key to professional development; our belief in that idea is why we, the editors, at The Central Blue do what we do. Nevertheless, too often we overlook that reading is not necessarily a solitary activity.  In his first post with The Central Blue, Mark Bell encourages our readership to engage more, and [...]