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#BookReview – Military StrategyReviewed by David Hood

Rear Admiral Joseph Caldwell (J.C.) Wylie Jr. served the United States Navy from 1928 until 1972. During that period, he was wartime sailor, executive officer, and commander, as well as chief of staff at the Naval War College. However, he is best known for his 1967 book Military Strategy: A General Theory of Power Control, [...]

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Indian Ocean Air Power: Part Three – Consequences for Australia – Peter Layton

In this final of three posts on Indian Ocean air power, Peter Layton turns his attention to the importance of Australian air power in the region. Though the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is a small force, there is more to Australia’s potential contribution to the region than the aircraft it operates. Other contributions include [...]

Indian Ocean Air Power: Part 2 – Extra-Regional Air Forces – Peter Layton

In this second part of a three-part series exploring Indian Ocean air power, Peter Layton turns his attention to the extra-regional players: The United States, United Kingdom, and France. These powers maintain an interest in the Indian Ocean; any effort to understand the military dynamics in the region must, therefore, include an examination of their [...]

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Indian Ocean Air Power: An Ocean of Air Forces – Peter Layton

The Indian Ocean has become an area of geostrategic competition. As Australia is an Indian Ocean country, it is incumbent our national security community to understand the strategic and military dynamics of the region. The diverse air power capabilities within the region are an important aspect of those dynamics. Over a series of three posts, [...]

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Planning to Win: Structuring the Force – Part 2 – Gus McLachlan

We welcome Major General Gus McLachlan (Ret’d.) AO, Director of the Sir Richard Williams Foundation, who shares his thoughts in a two-part series on how to best approach force structure to gain a winning advantage. In part one, McLachlan covers how defence forces plan to win using one or more force design approaches: size, platforms, [...]