The Central Blue

The Central Blue is a forum designed to promote informed discussion of air power issues affecting Australia; and to enhance professional development of Air Force personnel in order to create a new generation of air power thinkers.

The Central Blue aims to promote informed discussion and debate of air power and related issues, including strategy, doctrine and organisational culture.

The Central Blue aims to enhance professional development of Air Force personnel by encouraging them to read, engage with and write about key issues related to air power and national security.


The name ‘The Central Blue’ comes from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem about the past and the future, ‘Locksley Hall’, written in 1835, which, among other things, foreshadowed the rise of air power through Tennyson’s vision of ‘… nations’ airy navies grappling in the central blue’. The expression was subsequently used by the distinguished RAF wartime commander and scholar MRAF Sir John Slessor as the title for his autobiography; while ‘blue’ is also Australian slang for ‘genuine’, ‘expressing Australian values’, ‘vigorous argument’, and the like.

Sir Richard Williams Foundation 

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation is an independent research organisation whose purpose is to promote the development and effective implementation of National Security and Defence policies specific to Australia’s unique geopolitical environment and values.


The Foundation aims to strengthen Australia’s national security by advocating the need for forward-looking policies and promoting constructive debate regarding the implementation of such policies.

The Foundation’s intention is to be a leading and influential voice in the Australian defence debate, by:

  • emphasising the paramount importance of shaping Australia’s strategic environment;
  • contributing to the public debate regarding national security policy and the issues related to the effective, integrated, implementation of such policies in a complex and changing environment; and
  • stimulating debate by commissioning research, publishing papers, hosting conferences, meeting with senior officials and industry representatives, and conducting select-invitation workshops.


The Foundation is affiliated with the RAAF Association, Fleet Air Arm AssociationArmy Aviation Association and Second Line of Defense.