5th Generation Air Power


Ghost Fleet: A Review – Jason Begley

  Though a work of fiction, Ghost Fleet stimulates the reader's thinking about a broad range of ideas and issues, encouraging open-mindedness and innovation. This is the type of thinking necessary for the success of the Royal Australian Air Force's Plan JERICHO. [Image Credit: Amazon.com]   Ghost Fleet has attracted extensive attention among military commentators since [...]

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A Rose by Any Other Name … Ross Mahoney

  Dr Ross Mahoney responds to Robbin Laird's post referring to the F-35 as a 1st Gen flying combat system. Using a platform to define air power concepts is not a new phenomenon, and while we need to encourage innovative thinking about air power we must be willing and able to critique the rise of [...]

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The Future for Fifth Generation Warfare is now – Robbin Laird

  Dr Robbin Laird summarises interviews he recently conducted with the RAAF’s chief of staff, Air Marshal Leo Davies; the commander of the RAAF’s Air Combat Group, Air Commodore Steven Roberton; and the USAF’s commander of Air Combat Command, General Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle. Dr Laird: “Your Super Hornets flew for the first time in [...]

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The Third Industrial Revolution and Air Power – Cody Stephens

    The shift from analogue to digital technology that started in the late-1950s and gained serious momentum in the 1970s has now reached lift-off speed. Innovations based on this radical development include advanced computing, the internet, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Such is the magnitude of the change that these and similar technologies are driving [...]

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Test Pilot Report, F-35 – Major Morten Hanche, RNoAF

  "After neutralizing this advanced surface based air defense system [our flight of four F-35s] destroyed four additional targets. Suffice to say that this mission would have been close to suicide with a four-ship of F-16s alone!" This post was first published by Kampflybloggen (The Combat Aircraft Blog), the official blog of the Norwegian F-35 Program Office [...]

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The F-35 and the Transformation of Power Projection Forces – Robbin Laird

  The F-35 Lightning II has been operational with the USMC for more than a year, with the USAF for several months, and is nearing introduction into the USN. These services see the F-35 not merely as a new capability, but as part of a much broader transformation of the power projection force. It is [...]

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