Is the Air Force building a cadre of Operator-Intellectuals? – Wing Commander Jason Begley

  In this post Wing Commander Jason Begley asks whether the Air Force is fostering the Operator-Intellectuals it needs to meet the challenge of a fifth-generation force and explores some of the challenges to the Air Force valuing thinking about thinking as much as it values thinking about technology. During the 2016 Air Power Conference, [...]

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Silos of Intellectual Excellence – Emily Chapman

  In this post, Emily Chapman makes the case for increased 'jointness' in professional education, outlining a number of proposals to increase collaboration across the services and prevent silos of intellectual excellence.  A single RAAF Officer pitched to a predominately Army audience on the need for a Joint Professional Military Education (PME) Association at the inaugural Defence Entrepreneurs [...]

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Air Power and the Challenge of Professional Military Education – Ross Mahoney

  The Royal Australian Air Force is experiencing a renewed focus on Professional Military Education and Training (PMET). Not only are reviews underway to identify ways to improve the quality of the current PMET system, but oversight of PMET completion is occurring at the highest levels of the organisation. But as Ross Mahoney, the RAF [...]

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