How can Air Force best attract, recruit, train, educate and retain a workforce of the best available talent? – Shaun McGill

Editorial Note: There is no doubt that people are our greatest asset and the key to fully realising a fifth-generation Air Force. We are pleased to introduce a new contributor to The Central Blue - Shaun McGill. In this essay, he explores how the Royal Australian Air Force might attract the talent needed to make [...]

Finding the Cognitive Edge – Chris McInnes

23 September 2018 Chris McInnes explores the role of cognition in warfare and asks whether we understand the types of cognition needed in the future, and what we might be able to learn from other disciplines. On 9 June 1982, the Israel Air Force (IAF) destroyed 87 Syrian military aircraft and 17 out of 19 [...]

Preparing to Fight for the Skies Part 2 – Robert Vine

09 September 2018 Robert Vine continues his exploration of the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) future challenges and options for controlling the air by drawing on history to ask whether current training and exercises are optimised for fighting in contested skies. Part one of this series outlined the challenge facing the ADF in an environment where [...]

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Space-Mindedness: The Application of Space Power – Ryan Sanford

22 July 2018 20 July 2018 marked the 49th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the Moon. To mark that occasion and contribute to the growing discussion regarding Australia's role, interests, and capabilities in space, we are pleased to host our first cross-post from Angle of Attack. In this post, Ryan Sanford [...]

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Unpacking the Black Box: Air Force Culture and #HighIntensityWar – Ross Mahoney

15 April 2018 Editorial Note: Between February and April 2018, The Central Blue and From Balloons to Drones, will be publishing a series of articles that examine the requirements of high-intensity warfare in the 21st Century. These articles provide the intellectual underpinnings to a seminar on high-intensity warfare held on 22 March by the Williams [...]

A Central Blue debrief with Air Marshal Errol McCormack AO (Retd.)

4 February 2018 In the second Central Blue debrief, we talk with former Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Errol McCormack (Retd.) about his Air Force career, which spanned Konfrontasi to the Australian-led intervention in East Timor. During his 39 year career in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Air Marshal McCormack observed the significant [...]

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A month on from #DEFAus17: An Officer Cadet breakin’ it down – Brent Moloney

28 January 2018   #DEFAus17 is the key event for the Australian Defence Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), affiliated with the US and UK branches as well as the Kiwi Defence Innovation Centre of Excellence. DEF-Aus is a network of serving military personnel who debate future concepts and progress ideas to tangible action. In this post, Brent [...]

The Story of Billy Mitchell — Chris Elles

  “ The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay Innovation within a military environment demands much of its aspiring innovators. It demands audacity, agility, conviction, diplomacy, flexibility, friction, passion, teamwork, tenacity, and vision to name a few of the often unspoken and high costs to successfully achieve it. This is a [...]

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