Ground-Based Air Defence – Cody Stephens

  In the right circumstances Ground-Based Air Defence can be a game-changer. Given that the Australian Defence Force invariably deploys when it fights, it is a capability our defence planners need to take more seriously. The popular image of the fight to win control of the air is one of scores of fighters locked in [...]

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The Third Industrial Revolution and Air Power – Cody Stephens

    The shift from analogue to digital technology that started in the late-1950s and gained serious momentum in the 1970s has now reached lift-off speed. Innovations based on this radical development include advanced computing, the internet, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Such is the magnitude of the change that these and similar technologies are driving [...]

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Anti-Access/Area Denial – Christopher Cowan

  Anti-access/area denial is not as new as you might think. Commonly known as A2/AD, "anti-access/area denial"  has become a hot topic in recent years. Many have detailed the threats that A2/AD weapons systems pose to the US military, especially its aircraft carriers. But those threats aren’t new; A2/AD campaigns have been waged since the Greco-Persian [...]

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The ADF after Islamic State – Alan Stephens

  US President Barack Obama recently suggested that the leaders of Islamic State “know they will lose in Syria and Iraq”, and that consequently they’re already “shifting their strategy” to accommodate that impending battlefield defeat. President Obama’s assessment was later repeated by the commander of Australia’s training mission in Iraq, who predicted victory by August [...]

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Some thoughts on strategy – Alan Stephens

  “Strategy” is one of those words that’s used so widely and in so many different contexts that it often seems to generate confusion. That doesn’t need to be the case, as the nature of Australia’s long-running involvement in the wars in the Middle East can be used to illustrate. Writing in the Fairfax media [...]

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