Strategy and Air Power Part 3: Ways to Success – Peter Layton

27 May 2018 In the third post of a four-part series on air power and strategy, Peter Layton reminds us that strategy is just an idea. Part One in the series, examining the need to define ends, can be found here and Part Two, considering the competition, can be found here. In earlier posts (here [...]

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Strategy and Air Power Part 1: Defining Objectives – Peter Layton

  13 May 2018 In the first post of a four-part series on air power and strategy, Peter Layton discusses the importance of defining objectives to strategy-making. Strategy and air power confuse many, both in and out of uniform. Over four posts we’ll discuss how the two relate; mainly trying to make clear the concept [...]

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Reading military history – Alan Stephens

In this post, Alan Stephens argues the case for military professionals to read history - not for 'lessons' or details, but to appreciate the influence and importance of context in planning and making decisions. According to Stephens, "people who do not read good history cannot achieve professional mastery in the full meaning of the term."  [...]

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#Highintensityblogging: a reflection on a fascinating and furious few weeks – Editorial

  On 18 February 2018, we published the introduction to our first series examining #highintensitywar in partnership with our good friends at From Balloons to Drones. On 15 April 2018 we published the 19th and final piece in the series. The series supported the Williams Foundation’s 23 March seminar that examined the requirements of high [...]

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Unpacking the Black Box: Air Force Culture and #HighIntensityWar – Ross Mahoney

15 April 2018 Editorial Note: Between February and April 2018, The Central Blue and From Balloons to Drones, will be publishing a series of articles that examine the requirements of high-intensity warfare in the 21st Century. These articles provide the intellectual underpinnings to a seminar on high-intensity warfare held on 22 March by the Williams [...]