Fifth-Generation Air Power – Editorial

  Given the recent appearance in Australia of F-22s and F-35s, it’s timely to revisit some observations on fifth-generation capabilities made by one of Australia’s first F-22 pilots Earlier this year, twelve USAF F-22s deployed [...]

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(Ro)Boots on the ground – Alan Stephens

  General Robert Scales argues that it’s time for the West’s armies to face-up to the full implications of the irresistible rise of robots in warfare “In war, boots on the ground are necessary, but [...]

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Meeting the challenge of integrated operations – Robbin Laird

  Like the RAAF, the Royal Norwegian Air Force is currently undertaking a major modernisation program, including the acquisition of F-35As, P-8s, and the Joint Strike Missile. While the two air forces’ geopolitical circumstances are [...]

Can Air Force prioritise Jointness? – Stephen Edgeley

  When it comes to prioritising jointness, Air Force's history isn't great. Perhaps it's time for the RAAF to appreciate that, for its future combat capabilities to be fully effective, it must change. RAAF [...]

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The Battle of the Bismarck Sea – Alan Stephens

  This week marks the 74th anniversary of the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, arguably the most significant action fought by Australians during World War II Between December 1941 and April 1942, Imperial Japanese forces [...]

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Launch of the Air Force Strategy 2017-2027 – Alexandra McCubbin

  On 27 February, Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Leo Davies officially launched ‘Air Force Strategy 2017-2027’, a vision for the Royal Australian Air Force to transition and become a fifth-generation Air Force. The [...]

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