Air Power Command and Control Part I: Ideas Guide… – Chris McInnes

  In a three-part series on the development of Western operational-level air power command and control arrangements, Wing Commander Chris McInnes looks at the interplay of ideas, technology, and people, as well as making some [...]

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Reflections on organisational change, merit and bias – Jenna Higgins

  One of the key vectors in the Air Force Strategy 2017-2027 is ‘People Capability’, and Air Force has introduced a variety of strategies to increase representation of women to 25 percent by 2023. In this post, [...]

Are we missing out on valuable ISR opportunities? – Paul Hay

  In a future networked force, can we afford to have single-mission platforms? Wing Commander Paul Hay makes the case for air mobility assets to be equipped with additional sensors, in order to optimise every asset [...]

Defending Australia in the Air-Sea Gap – Alan Stephens

  This month marks the 75th anniversary of one of Australia’s most important feats of arms, the defence of Port Moresby by the Royal Australian Air Force’s No. 75 Squadron in March/April 1942. Between December 1941 [...]

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The Hunter Killers: A Review – Squadron Leader Jimmy

  Talk of innovation and the need for cross-pollination to break down stove-pipes is widespread in today's Air Force, but it is sometimes difficult for those in the field to see beyond the strategic messaging [...]

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Moving Past the Capability Argument for an Inclusive Military – Jarrod Pendlebury

  The Air Force recognises that diversity in the workplace will both increase the pool of potential recruits, and improve the quality of decision-making in the organisation. In this post 'Social Experimentation and Political Correctness [...]

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