Of Self-Destructive Inertia and Turboencabulators: The Rationale for The Central Blue – Travis Hallen

  Today, 2nd December, marks three months since The Central Blue published its first post. Though the start has been modest (25 posts including this one), it has been successful. In the short period that the [...]

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Trudeau’s folly: Canada’s new ‘interim’ fighters – Christopher Cowan

  When we discuss the politics of air power it is generally in the context of its employment, not its development. The F-35 appears to have changed this as its cost overruns and production delays [...]

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Red Team: How to Succeed By Thinking Like the Enemy: A Review – Jason Begley

  The term ‘Red Team’ has made the transition from its origins within military war-gaming to the lexicon of both government and business. What is less well understood is what a red team is, what [...]

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A Day Without an ATO – Chris McInnes

  The Air Tasking Order (ATO) is the cornerstone of modern air power command and control: If you're not on the ATO, you don't fly. But perhaps we have become too wedded to a concept [...]

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Strategy: Key Thinkers: A Review – Travis Hallen

  The study of strategy is a daunting undertaking. Not only must students wade through the dense tomes of the strategy masters but they must also be alive to subtle nuance in the texts, attentive [...]

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Air Power and the Challenge of Professional Military Education – Ross Mahoney

  The Royal Australian Air Force is experiencing a renewed focus on Professional Military Education and Training (PMET). Not only are reviews underway to identify ways to improve the quality of the current PMET system, [...]

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