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#selfsustain – Far from Sanctuaries: Sustaining a Fifth-Generation Fight in the Indo-Pacific – Donna Cain-Riva

We welcome Donna Cain-Riva to the Central Blue to provide her valuable insights into how the Royal Australian Air Force is considering the #selfsustain challenges of operating a fifth-generation force in a competitive Indo-Pacific. This post is an adaptation of Mrs Cain-Riva’s presentation at the Williams Foundation’s #selfsustain seminar, held in Canberra on 11 April [...]

#selfsustain – 5th Generation Energy for 5th Generation Air Power – Nicholas Packer

Editorial Note: On 11 April 2019, the Sir Richard Williams Foundation is holding a seminar examining high-intensity operations and sustaining self-reliance. The aim of the seminar, building on previous seminars and series looking at #jointstrike and #highintensitywar, is to establish a common understanding of the importance and challenges of sustaining a self-reliant Australian Defence Force in a challenging environment. In support [...]

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China’s Regional Bomber and its Implications – James Bosbotinis

The US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) published an unclassified assessment of Chinese military developments on 15 January 2019. The report, China Military Power: Modernizing a Force to Fight and Win, disclosed that China is developing ‘new medium- and long-range stealth bombers to strike regional and global targets’, thus confirming long-standing rumours regarding a potential regional [...]

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#SciFi, #AI, and the Future of War: Trusted – Marija Jovanovich

Marija Jovanovich joins our #SciFi, #AI, and the Future of War series with a short, and very human, story on the ups and downs of future technologies. It wasn’t meant to be like this. I’m sitting in this boring beige room, have been for what seems like hours. I don’t know what time they left, [...]

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A Central Blue Debrief with Air Commodore Joe ‘Vinny’ Iervasi

04 November 2018 We debrief Air Commodore Joe ‘Vinny’ Iervasi on what lies ahead for Australian airmen. Our debriefs consist of eight standard questions and two tailored to the individual being debriefed. We plan to publish more over the coming months and welcome your suggestions on debrief targets and issues. The Central Blue (TCB): What [...]

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