Autonomous Warfare


#ADFRAS2040 – Reflections on the Possibilities of Autonomous Systems – Gary Waters and Patrick Bigland

In the first of The Central Blue’s #ADFRAS2040 series, Drs Gary Waters and Patrick Bigland reflect on the wide-ranging potential of robotic and autonomous systems. Though the path to full autonomy will be a long one, Waters and Bigland draw attention to some of the initial steps that will start the ADF down the right [...]

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Call for Submissions: Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2040 – The Central Blue, The Forge, and Grounded Curiosity

How will the future Australian Defence Force (ADF) exploit robotic and autonomous systems (RAS) to gain and maintain advantage across the continuum of competition and conflict? And how can the ADF counter threats to the future force posed by adversary RAS? These are the questions currently being asked by the ADF’s Force Exploration Branch as [...]