How can Air Force best attract, recruit, train, educate and retain a workforce of the best available talent? – Shaun McGill

Editorial Note: There is no doubt that people are our greatest asset and the key to fully realising a fifth-generation Air Force. We are pleased to introduce a new contributor to The Central Blue - Shaun McGill. In this essay, he explores how the Royal Australian Air Force might attract the talent needed to make [...]

Finding the Cognitive Edge – Chris McInnes

23 September 2018 Chris McInnes explores the role of cognition in warfare and asks whether we understand the types of cognition needed in the future, and what we might be able to learn from other disciplines. On 9 June 1982, the Israel Air Force (IAF) destroyed 87 Syrian military aircraft and 17 out of 19 [...]

#jointstrike Establishing and Re-establishing Modern Deterrence – Chris Buckley

10 August 2018 On 23 August 2018, the Sir Richard Williams Foundation is holding a seminar on #jointstrike to discuss the imperative for an independent deterrent. The aim of the seminar is to build a common understanding of the need for an independent joint strike capability to provide Australia with a powerful and potent deterrent [...]

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Space-Mindedness: The Application of Space Power – Ryan Sanford

22 July 2018 20 July 2018 marked the 49th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the Moon. To mark that occasion and contribute to the growing discussion regarding Australia's role, interests, and capabilities in space, we are pleased to host our first cross-post from Angle of Attack. In this post, Ryan Sanford [...]

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Air Force Culture in the 21st Century – Claire Pearson

6 May 2018 “Culture is not made up but something that evolves which is human” – Edward T. Hall Jr., American Anthropologist b.1914 – d. 2009 Culture is what defines, unites, and sets a group apart from others. Within the Air Force, culture drives formal and informal rules in how we behave as a fighting [...]

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Moving Past the Capability Argument for an Inclusive Military — Jarrod Pendlebury

  The Air Force recognises that diversity in the workplace will both increase the pool of potential recruits, and improve the quality of decision-making in the organisation. In this post 'Social Experimentation and Political Correctness Gone Mad: Moving past the Capability Argument for an Inclusive Military', Wing Commander Jarrod Pendlebury advocates for the need to [...]

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