Exploiting Latent Capacity: The Potential of ISR and Multi-Mission Augmentation Pods – Squadron Leader Jimmy

  'Podded' capabilities have the potential to significantly increase the flexibility of Air Force assets across a range of traditional and emerging roles. In this first of a three-post series, Squadron Leader Jimmy explores the concept of 'podded' capabilities and how they may increase the utility of aircraft assets across the full spectrum of operations, [...]

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Preparing Air Force’s ISREW Airmen – Paul Hay

  The Air Force's exploitation of its suite of advanced capabilities will hinge on a highly-skilled and agile workforce. In this post, Wing Commander Paul Hay argues that non-commissioned personnel will provide the majority of the needed breadth and depth, and that optimising this workforce to meet future demands requires a different approach to training [...]

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The Hunter Killers: A Review – Squadron Leader Jimmy

  Talk of innovation and the need for cross-pollination to break down stove-pipes is widespread in today's Air Force, but it is sometimes difficult for those in the field to see beyond the strategic messaging to embrace the operational importance of these concepts. In this review of The Hunter Killers: The Extraordinary Story of the [...]

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